Wednesday, October 24, 2007

35 years of riding sickles!

The other day I was making a list of every bike I've ever owned. I believe there was 29 in all. And I believe I have pictures of most of them (Heck.. I still HAVE most of them!) So I thought it would be great to chronicle them all and dig out what pictures I do have! Partially inspired by my friend Biker Al, who once sent me a cool zine featuring stories of all the ikes he has owned in the past.
So I'll start digging out the photos and begin posting!


RamblinAl said...

Chronicle ALL the bikes you've ever owned?

Great idea Norman!

That'll get the old gray matter churning onto a fun timewarp.

I'll have to update my "Al's Bikes" too someday, include pics of many of them, someday!

Am I a blogger now?
Feel like I've run a guantlet of computer BS to get here

RamblinAl said...

Ever consider putting a copy of the zine on line?

think of it, world wide exposure!

What part of Canaduh is Afganistan??

RamblinAl said...

Jeepers Dr. Chop,

WHERE IS EVERYBODY and their comments?? ??????

Looks like jest me & you on this blog and YOU aren't sayin anything so far!

This isn't going to be a yawner is it?